Best Watering Practices

Best Watering Practices
Posted: 20 February 2017

Be water wise
Water thoroughly between regular drying out phases to encourage roots to grow deeper. If plants are wet all the time, they develop a shallow root system and roots may begin to rot.

Water plants according to their needs, the rainfall and soil type in which they are grown. Clay soils remain wet much longer than sandy soils.

Group plants with similar needs together. Annuals and bedding plants grow quickly and have relatively shallow roots, they need regular amounts of water. Perennials develop fairly deep root systems and need less regular watering. Perennials from dry regions can survive on natural rainfall but perennials from the northern hemisphere need plenty of water to flourish.

Try not to water at night, wet foliage encourages fungal diseases.

 Always water plants at the first sign of wilting, lack of water causes stress and poor growth. This is especially important with plants in hanging baskets and other containers.

 Check sprinkler systems regularly to prevent dry spots caused by blocked jets and remember to switch the sprinkler system off when it rains.

 Mulching helps retain moisture in the soil longer.