The colour wheel

primary & basic colours on the colour wheel
Gardening with Colour
Posted: 20 February 2017

Playing with the colour wheel
The colour wheel helps you understand the connections between colours. The colour wheel contains the three primary colours - yellow, red and blue and all other colours are combinations of these basic colours.

Consider these rules when combining colours
Cool colours are the colours around the blue areas of the colour wheel. Colours perceived as warm are made up of the colours in the yellow area. Complimentary colours are situated opposite each other. Neighbouring colours lie side by side on the colour wheel and form a colour run. A colour accord or trio, is obtained if a triangle is laid across the colour wheel

The effect of colours
Red is exciting and dramatic. Yellow is bright, strong and cheerful. Blue appears refreshing and calm and creates an illusion of space. Pink is a versatile colour that can mix and match with many others. White tones down bright hot colours and lifts pale ones. White stands out well at night. Green foliage provides a quiet zone among colourful flowers.

Designing with colour
Choosing colours carefully you can create moods, an impression of cozy comfort or generous spaciousness. Consider also the colours of containers, furniture and decorative elements. Plan how your design will blend in with the colours of existing surroundings such as garden walls, your house, the patio. Remember the effects of sunlight on colours.