White daisies

wooden container
Success with Container Gardening
Posted: 20 February 2017

Look out for the right container
Your container should have enough drainage holes to prevent an overdose of water. Consider the size, shape and colour to suit the design in mind. Plastic or ceramic, it’s a matter of taste and budget, plants grow well in both.

Choose the correct potting soil
The ideal mixture is light, and has a good balance between water holding ability and good drainage. We recommend a mixture of 1-part peat moss and 2-parts coir pith. Add a long-lasting fertilizer like Osmocote to the mixture. When replanting a container, always replace the old soil.

Plan before planting
Choose your plants in proportion to the size and shape of the container. Observe carefully how much light the position of the container will get during the day and choose the plants according to their light requirements. Consider which colours and textures will work best. For a combination planter choose plants that have similar water and light requirements.

After planting
Give your container gardens lots of tender love and care. Water daily, remember that containers have very little soil and that it dries out quickly in the hot South African weather conditions. Feed weekly with a water-soluble plant food. Cut back old blooms or overgrown plants.