Planting hanging baskets

How to Plant a Hanging Basket
Posted: 20 February 2017

Consider the following before planting
The type, colour and size of hanging basket you wish to use. The colour, texture and desired proportions of the design you have in mind. Will it be growing in a sunny, shady or partially shaded position? Which plants will give the desired effect?

Choose the correct potting soil
The ideal mixture is light, and has a good balance between water holding ability and good drainage. We recommend a mixture of 1-part peat moss and 2-parts coir pith. Add a long-lasting fertilizer like Osmocote to the mixture.

 How to prepare a wire basket
Use a ready-made to fit coir liner to hold the potting soil or pad the basket with coir to about 3cm thick, then fill the basket with moist potting soil.

Remember the following
Under South African Highveld conditions water baskets daily. Keep them out of the blazing midday sun and feed them weekly with a good water-soluble plant food.

To create a round colour ball
Cut holes into the sides of plastic baskets or force holes through the coir of wire baskets and plant alongside the walls of the basket. Impatiens, begonias and lobelias make beautiful colour balls.

Try these combinations for great looking mixed baskets
For a shady position try Impatiens and Lobelia. For a sunny position use cascading petunias, Scaevola and trailing Verbena. For a partially shaded position plant Begonias with Bacopa and trailing Lobelia.