Series Name: Colossus®

Popular Name(s): Pansy
Botanical Name: Viola x wittrockiana
Colours Available: Deep Blue with Blotch, Yellow with Blotch, White with Blotch, Red with Blotch, White, Yellow, Rose Medley, Ocean, Tricolor, Lavender Medley, Blotched Mix
Breeder: Syngenta Flowers
Flowering Season: Winter and Spring
Planting Season: Autumn and Winter
Light Requirement: Sunny to Semi-Shade
Temperature Requirement: Frost Hardy
Plant Height: 25cm
Product Forms: 6-Pack, Jumbo 4-Pack, YPL-280

Very showy giant flowers on short sturdy stems. Compact habit, even when it gets warmer.

Mass bedding, borders and planters.

Plant 15cm apart in well prepared garden beds. Feed planters regularly with a water soluble plant food.