Series Name: Penny

Popular Name(s): Viola
Botanical Name: Viola cornuta
Colours Available: White, White Jump-Up, Clear Yellow, Primrose Picotee, Red Wing, Orange Jump-Up, Orange, Peach Jump-Up, Purple Picotee, Marlies, Mickey, Jump-Up Mix, Lane Mix.
Breeder: Syngenta Flowers
Flowering Season: Winter and Spring
Planting Season: Autumn and Winter
Light Requirement: Sunny to Semi-Shade
Temperature Requirement: Frost Hardy
Plant Height: 15cm
Product Forms: 6-Pack, YPL-280

Dwarf and compact habit with an abundance of small flowers.

Mass bedding, flower borders and mixed planters.

Plant 15cm apart in a well prepared garden bed. Feed planters regularly with a water soluble fertilizer.